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Welcome to our practice. Please be sure to visit our "Meet the Staff" section, as a practice is best represented by the people providing the services.

Once you have referred a patient for physical therapy or occupational therapy, you can expect that we will see your patient within two working days. The first visit is generally an hour long, and concentrates on the initial evaluation, goal setting, and treatment plan development. You will receive a copy of this report. A progress report will be sent to you when the patient is returning to you for a re-check, or when any significant changes develop in the patient's status. You will also receive a copy of the discharge summary. We are always available by phone (860-739-4497) to discuss cases. 

At Shoreline Physical Therapy, we evaluate and treat patients with a wide variety of diagnoses that are not solely orthopedic in nature. These include patients with neurological disorders, cancer, women's health issues (incontinence, pelvic pain), and vestibular disorders such as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).  For more information, please refer to our services offered page.

We are currently collecting data for a study to determine if there is a correlation between plantar fasciitis and hip weakness.  If you have a patient who is suffering from heel/plantar pain or plantar fasciitis, we would be happy to evaluate and treat them and include them as part of our study.  Contact our office for details.

We've also written up a few case studies to demonstrate how conservative care can influence the outcomes of  patient problems. 

Student Program
We welcome physical therapy and occupational therapy students from all accredited universities.  If you are a DCE/ACCE from a University and would like to set up a contract with us to take your students, please contact our CCCE, Tiffany Rindell.  Our updated CSIF can easily be emailed to you at your request. 


Home | Meet the Staff | Directions & Contact Us | Patients | Physicians & Educators | Therapists

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