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Joanne Moore, PT, DHSc, OCS

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Dr. Moore is dedicated to helping each patient to achieve his or her goals by providing evidence based physical therapy. She began practicing physical therapy in 1974, when she graduated from Quinnipiac University. She earned a master’s degree from Southern Connecticut State University in Human Performance, and a Doctor of Health Science from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. Her area of study for the doctoral work was arthritis, and her dissertation described the role of physical therapy in the management of chronic Lyme disease. From the University of Connecticut Health Center, she received a certification in Early Intervention, and treats both the Birth to Three population and school aged children. She has special interests in women’s health, including osteoporosis, urinary incontinence and pelvic pain. She has presented at the Connecticut Physical Therapy Association annual conference on orthopedic dysfunction during pregnancy. She is a board certified specialist in orthopedics by the American Physical Therapy Association, and enjoys treating patients with orthopedic diagnoses. She is interested in oncology, recognizing the role of exercise in improving quality of life during and after cancer treatments. She has been recognized by the University of Connecticut as the clinical instructor of the year. 

Joanne is very involved in community activities. She is the founder of the Niantic Toastmasters Club. She is the past president of the East Lyme Business Organization, and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut, and the Niantic Community Church.  She enjoys kayaking, skiing, hiking, photography, music, and quilting.  

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    ·        Doctor of Health Sciences degree, DHSc, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, Jan. 2003

    ·        Certified Orthopedic Specialist, American Physical Therapy Board of Specialists, 1995; renewed 2005  

    ·        Certified Manual Therapist, Institute of Physical Therapy,1988

    ·        UConn certified Early Intervention Specialist 2001

    ·        MS Exercise Physiology, Southern Connecticut State, 1982    

    ·        BS Physical Therapy, Quinnipiac University, 1974

    ·        Licensed physical therapist

    •    LSVT BIG Certified Clinician- March 2016

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Professional Organizations

·       1999-2007: Delegate CPTA House of Representatives

·        Member, APTA, orthopedic, pediatric, hand, aquatic, administrative, education, and private practice sections. 

·        Women’s Health Study Group

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·       Lyme Disease Presentation to Newcomers Club, East Lyme, CT. Summer, 2011

·       Physical Therapy Management of Orthopedic Problems During Pregnancy, October 2008


·       Assessment and Management of Playground and Sports Injuries to SECT School Nurse Coordinators’ Group, November 2007

·       Role of Physical Therapy in the Management of Orthopedic Dysfunction during Pregnancy. CPTA Annual Conference 2006

·       Playground Injuries: Prevention, Assessment, and Treatment. November, 2007. For school nurses of southeastern CT

·       Post-Lyme Syndrome Poster Presentation. CPTA Annual Conference, 2004.

·       Instructional video: Prevention of overuse injuries in dealers. With Foxwoods Casino. 2002

·       Arthritis. With Robert Levin, MD. Sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation. 2003

·       Prevention of overuse injuries in musicians: Connecticut Music Teachers Association. 1999 

·       Orthopedic considerations in pediatric patients with neurological diagnoses. Hartford Public Schools physical therapists. 1999


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  • Certificate of Appreciation for providing 320 hours of clinical instruction to University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, Institute of Physical Therapy, June 2008
  • Clinical Instructor of the Year. University of Connecticut. 2005.


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  • Lyme Disease in Dogs. Wizard of Paws.1:4;  4-7; 2001


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Continuing Education

·        Physical Therapy for the Performing Artist- APTA March 2012

·       Combined Sections Meeting, APTA, Chicago, February, 2012.

·       Essential Terms and Concepts for SEMG Biofeedback in Surface EMG Instruments, sponsored by the Section on Women's Health, APTA, February 2011.

·       Chronic Pelvic Pain, sponsored by the Section on Women's Health, APTA, March 2011.

·        Description of Clinical Outcomes and Postoperative Utilization of Physical Therapy Services within 4 Categories of Shoulder Surgery. JOSPT, February 2010Therapy Services within 4 Categories of Shoulder Surgery. JOSPT, February 2010Measure Femoral Anteversion.. JOSPT, February 2010

·        The Influence of Abnormal Hip Mechanics on Knee Injury: A Biomechanical Perspective. JOSPT, February 2010

·        Hip Strength in Females Seeking Treatment for Unilateral Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome.  JOSPT, February 2010

·        Current Concepts in the Scientific and Clinical Rationale Behind Exercises for Glenohumeral and Scapulothoracic Musculature. . JOSPT, February 2010

·        Topics in Physical Therapy – Neurology. APTA, September 2009

·        Dynasplint Systems. Joseph Johnson, CNMT, June 2009.

·        Kinesiotaping. Susan Thomas, MSPT, May 2009

·        Empi Overview. Melissa Somosky, PT, March 2009

·        IEP Direct. Groton Public Schools. Ted Braun, August 2008

·        Sensory Integration. Kim Brenner, August 2008

·        Wii-habilitation. Tracey Albanese, June 2008

·        Presented Pregnancy and Your Patient: Special Considerations, March 2008

·        Advancing Electrotherapy. Jonathan Matteson. RS Medical, March 2008

·        Vestibular Disorders. Jamie Boersma, February 2008

·        Length Tension Relationships David Crowley, MS PT, January 2008

·        Core Stabilization. Valerie Cortis, April 2008

·        Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and Feldenkrais. Tiffany Rindell, PT, April 2008

·        2007 Private Practice Section Annual Conference and Exposition. San Diego, November 2007

·        2007 CPTA Fall Conference, Unlock your Potential, October 2007

·        CNS Modulation and Posture Overview. Kathryn Leindecker, OTR, CHT, August 2007

·        ACL Rehabilitation. Kendal Mainvill, June 2007

·        Surface EMG. Earl Carlow. Current Medical Tech, Inc, June 2007

·        Wrist Mobilization for Tennis Elbow. Kathryn Leindecker OT, CHT, May 2007

·        Humor in Healthcare. Pamela Ressler, RN, May 2007

·        APTA Combined Sections Meeting: Vulvar Pain, Management of Shoulder Impairment, Examination, Screening & System Review, Male urinary incontinence, Headache and the Cervical Spine, Evaluation of the Adolescent Shoulder, Neuromuscular aspects of pelvic anatomy, February 2007

·        Osteoporosis. Valerie Cortis, January 2007.

·        Presented at Connecticut Physical Therapy Association Fall Conference: Nine Months and Beyond, November 2006

·        Relearning Kinesia Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease and Related Movement Disorders. Dorian Brown, PT. Cross Country Education, May 2006

·        Radiology for the Physical Therapist. APTA.  Gail Doyle PT, DPT, OCS, FASOMPT, April 2006

·        Intermediate Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions. Hollis Herman, MS, PT, OCS ; Kathe Wallace,  PT. New York. Sponsored by APTA Session on Women’s Health, June 2005

·        Female Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction, and Treatment – Level 1. Hollis Herman, MS, PT, OCS ; Kathe Wallace,  PT. Miami, January 2005

·        Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment of Common Shoulder Impairments. Sponsored by University of Connecticut, June 2004

·        Physical Therapy for the Cervical Spine and Temperomandibular Joint, July – December, 2003.

·        Current Concepts of Orthopedic Physical Therapy. APTA, February, 2002

·        Early Intervention Certificate/Credential Program. Division of Child & Family Studies, University of Connecticut, Department of Pediatrics. Instructor: Mary Beth Bruder, PhD. January to December, 2001.

·        Orthopedic Interventions for Pediatric Patients. Sponsored by Orthopedic Section, APTA, April - September 2000

·        Coursework toward Doctor of Health Science degree, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.

o   Research for the Reflective Practitioner

o   Entry colloquium

o   Medical Diagnostics for the Physical Therapist

o   Medical Ethics

o   Residency with Robert Levin, MD, rheumatologist

o   Residency with Kathryn Leindecker, OTR, CHT

o   Behavioral Psychology

o   Independent study in rheumatology

o   Doctoral dissertation: The effect of exercise on post-Lyme syndrome.  The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.

·        Early intervention certificate/credentialing program. Completed a competency-based training program for birth-to-three providers in CT. The training was based on current research-based best practice and involved large group (96 class hours), small group tutorials (36 hours) supervised demonstration of 41 competencies related to providing service to birth to three population and their families. Instructor: Mary Beth Bruder, EdD, December 2001.

·        CPR certification for adults and infants, August 2007

·        APTA sponsored medical tour of China's hospitals through the People to People Ambassador Program. A 2-week tour exploring traditional Eastern pain management techniques. Dec 2000

·        Toward becoming a certified manual therapist, University of St. Augustine:

o   Introduction to evaluation and manipulation of the spine

o   Advanced evaluation and manipulation of the spine

o   Muscle energy techniques for the lower quarter

o   Evaluation and manipulation of the extremities

o   Spinal Instability

o   Review 

·        Toward a master of science degree, human performance

o   Research techniques

o   Statistics

o   Physical therapy management of athletic injuries 

o   Mental retardation

o   Physiology of aging

o   Exercise physiology

o   Physiology of running

o   Cardiac rehabilitation

o   Thesis: The effect of brief and prolonged icing on muscle tone

·        Professional affiliation with Molly Maguire, PT, ATC at the University of South Carolina, 3 months.

·        Advanced Orthopedic Theory, University of Connecticut. 3 credits

·        TENS seminar

·        Anatomy dissection, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.

·        The Shoulder: Repair, Replacement, and & Rehabilitation, 2000

·        Seminar in Rheumatology, Arthritis Foundation, 1996

·        American College of Rheumatology Conference, Boston. 1999

·        Private Practice Section Annual Conferences. Vancouver 2002 and San Diego 2007

·        Comprehensive evaluation and treatment of common shoulder impairments. UConn. June 2004

·        Orthopedic Home Study Course. Lumbar Spine. APTA

·        Orthopedic Home Study Course. Foot and Ankle APTA

·        Orthopedic Home Study Course: Lower Extremity APTA

·        Orthopedic interventions for pediatric patients APTA

·        Orthopedic interventions for Cervical Spine and Termporomandibular joint APTA

·        Specialized topics in hand therapy. 1992.

·        Regional team building. SERC. 1996

·        Back stabilization. 1992

·        McKenzie on the lumbar spine, 1985.


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Community Involvement

·       Aakriti's Kids, a non-profit agency that supports orphans with special needs in Nepal. Secretary of the board of directors.

·        New London Power Squadron - Boat Safety Instructor, Audit Committee 2000-2003.

·         Niantic Community Church. Member of Christian Education Committee, music and worship arts, parish life ministries, prudential board. Youth leader, 5 years. Current president of the congregation.

·        Toastmasters International, charter member and past president of Niantic Community Toastmasters Club. Advanced Communcator Gold and Competent Leader Bronze. Past secretary of District 53.

·        Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut. Member

·        Eastern Connecticut Symphony Youth Orchestra. President, Board of Directors. 1990-1995. Managed high school ushers for symphony concerts, 2002-2007.

·        East Lyme High School class reunion co-chairman: 1989 and 1994.

·        Served on design committee for East Lyme High School pool

·        Provided leadership for development of East Lyme High School Alumni Association.

·        Volunteer, New London Homeless Shelter, 2007


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·        Hiking

·        Kayaking

·        Swimming

·        Cross Country Skiing

·        Piano

·        Classical Guitar

·        Played women's college basketball (CCSU)


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·        Niantic Toastmasters Club, 1999-present

·        Founding member. Advanced Communicator Silver; Competent Leader Bronze

·        East Lyme Business Organization

·        Member of Coastal BNI 2013



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Volunteer Work

·        Nepal Orphan’s Home 2010

·        Rural Missions, Johns Island, South Carolina 2008


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