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"Shoreline Physical Therapy-- what a treasure!  It is so rare to find a place that combines a warm and welcoming atmosphere with an amazing group of people.  The expertise of the staff far exceeds what I expected to find in my small shoreline hometown.  And what makes it even better is that they all care deeply about the people they treat.  The approach is so encompassing that I never felt like I was 'just another knee' to be rehabbed and sent along my way.  We are so fortunate to have this dedicated group of professionals who bring such a wide range of services to our community."  -- Maryann from East Lyme

"The therapy you gave helped so much to alleviate my back, hip and leg pain.  What makes your therapy so special is that it takes into account differences in personalities and lifestyles.  Therapy is given in such a positive and upbeat manner, one looks forward to coming to each session." -- Marilyn from Waterford

"I recently had physical therapy at Shoreline Physical Therapy.  I have been treated there three times for different problems and each time had excellent results.  My therapist solved all my problems; it was just awesome!  I can't say enough about the staff at Shoreline PT.  It is the place to go if you have a problem." -- Judy from Niantic

"I had the opportunity to study at Shoreline Physical therapy for one of my rotations. A couple of things stood out for me: First, how friendly and inviting the atmosphere is. Second, how much they care about the patients that come through the door. They would go the extra mile for any patient if that meant staying late to fit a patient in, doing extra literature research on a more rare diagnoses, whatever it took they just wanted to help the patient however they could. The clinic is full of incredibly caring people. The therapists were also all educated at the doctoral level, furthered their education to very esteemed levels such as Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, along with a number of continuing education courses that shows their dedication to physical therapy. All of this helped my learning experience greatly. My clinical instructor helped me advance my knowledge and I also received a ton of help from other therapists and staff which is priceless for a student. When I decided to apply to graduate school for physical therapy, this shoreline clinic is exactly what I envisioned therapy should be and is why I wanted to enter this profession. The excellent level of treatment, the friendly staff, and the environment conducive to learning made it a tremendous experience for me. I am grateful for my clinical instructor and all the patients I had the chance to work with and learn from."  -- Kevin Marchant II, Student Physical Therapist from Clarke University, May-July 2012

"Having the opportunity to work with the staff at Shoreline Physical Therapy was an experience that will forever shape the type of therapist I hope to become.  As an Occupational Therapy student in a primarily Physical Therapy space I had the benefit of one on one attention with my supervisor.  I was given such a varied experience from hand therapy with adults to treating young children utilizing sensory integration techniques. Other days we were heading to offsite facilities to cater to their needs. I was learning from a driven therapist who, besides having years and years of experience, was motivated to continue growing her own education in order to stay recent in the ever changing medical field. There was NEVER a day where I didn't learn something about this rewarding profession or myself as a therapist. The staff at Shoreline are some of the most genuine people I've ever met, and make not only their patients feel welcome but also their staff and students.  I would recommend this site to any potential student looking to step back in a caring, relaxed and therapeutic environment, and really appreciate why they've chosen the profession they have."  -- Stacey Raimondi, OTR/L, Sacred Heart University MSOT '12 (Student from April-June 2012)

"I could not be more thankful for having a Level II occupational therapy fieldwork at Shoreline Physical Therapy.  I was welcomed by a team of professional and dedicated staff and had the opportunity to have a knowledgeable and enthusiastic supervisor.  At this site, I was able to practice and enhance my clinical reasoning and therapeutic skills with a very diverse caseload of clients as well as pursue self-directed learning opportunities with support and encouragement.  At this site, you truly begin to see how occupational therapy can enhance the lives of people across the lifespan coming from different backgrounds.  Besides enhancing my clinical skills, I also learned valuable lessons in therapeutic use of self and remaining client-centered.  There were numerous opportunities for both personal and professional growth.  As I begin my career as an occupational therapist, I will use techniques I observed and learned from my supervisor, clients and from my own experiences at this site.  When my fieldwork ended, I left with a greater sense of confidence, an expanded knowledge base, and a group of mentors, especially my supervisor who I feel I can contact in the future with questions, concerns or just to say, 'Hi!'"-- Dannielle Miccinello, OT Student from Thomas Jefferson University (Jan-March 2013)


"Being placed at Shoreline Physical Therapy for my OTA Level 2 Fieldwork was a phenomenal experience. I learned so much while there.   Shoreline Physical Therapy was the perfect facility to receive practical experience integrating and applying the knowledge and skills that I learned in my OTA classes at Manchester Community College.  Just as important as the technical, practical and clinical exposure, I learned the importance of professionalism, ethics and respect.  My supervisor, Kathy Leindecker, provided challenges and opportunities to hone my clinical reasoning skills as well as developing my therapeutic use of self in patient interaction.  I was most impressed by (the owner) Joanne Moore’s approach to lifelong learning in all aspects that relate to holistically treating patients.  I’ve never been to a facility where office time was carved out of the day to include “lunch and learn” on Mondays.  Not only would I recommend Shoreline Physical Therapy to a potential student, I would recommend Shoreline Physical Therapy to anyone looking for knowledgeable, caring staff and exceptional treatment."  Allison Waddington, OTA Student from Manchester Community College Sept-Nov 2013




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